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Parent and Participant Handbook 
About Our Program  The Garner Trojans Civitan Pop Warner Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was founded for the purpose of developing, fostering, and generating a local Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading program. We are a subordinate member of Pop Warner Little Scholars and are subject to the rules and regulations set forth by PWLS.

We are part of the Mid-South Region, a geographical division put in place by PWLS. Within our Region, there are several Leagues. Our League is the Consolidated Football Federation, or CFF. Just under a dozen Associations make up the CFF. These are the teams our children play in games.

Garner Pop Warner is run entirely by volunteers.  All our coaches and seasonal staff are also volunteers who put in many hours on and off the practice fields each season.

The organization is funded through registration fees, game admission fees, sponsors, and fundraisers. All funds are put back into the program to pay expenses and make improvements. Some of the expenses we incur each year include: repair and/or replacement of equipment and uniforms, field usage fees, insurance, membership dues, background checks for staff, merchandise for resale, referees, and other miscellaneous administrative expenses.

Each year we strive to improve and nurture this program, thus ensuring its continued existence and availability for the community. We appreciate the support and enthusiasm of all our volunteers, sponsors, and parents.

Thank you,
Garner Civitan Pop Warner Board
General Rules/Policies- The Short List

The rules and policies stated below will be politely but firmly enforced. 
  1.  No refunds will be given after the July 1st..
  2.  No child will be permitted to practice that has not turned in a completed physical form, full report card, birth certificate, and completed registration form.
  3.  No smoking/vaping products of any kind on practice/game fields.
  4.  No drug or alcohol use or possession at any Garner practice, game or function.
  5.  No littering.  We won’t have any facilities to use if we don’t take care of them!
  6.  Non-participating children must be supervised at all times and must not become a distraction to the teams/squads.
  7.  NO PETS at any practices or games.
  8.  Parents must stay in designated areas and are not permitted inside the practice areas.

 If you don’t understand these rules or have questions, please ask a Garner Civitan Pop Warner Volunteer for help.  

Costs of Participation (in addition to registration)

All Participants:

We are part of a travel league.  Away games may include such locations as Raleigh, Durham, Cleveland, Apex, Cary and more. Parents are responsible for transportation to all games. All Pop Warner games charge admission. Traditionally, the cost for adults is $8.00, and the cost for a non-participating child is $5.00. Children under age 5 are admitted free. Participating children and Pop Warner volunteers with proper Pop warner ID are admitted free. These prices are subject to change from one year to the next. Post-season game/competition admission costs will vary.


All players must provide their own cleats and any personal items, such as athletic supporters. One mouthpiece is provided for each child at the start of the season.  Players are responsible for replacement mouthpieces.

Players may advance to post-season play.  If a team advances to the regional level, out-of-state travel will likely be required.  Regional championships are held in November.  National championships are held in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studio the first week of December.  Travel for the two events costs approximately $1,000 per child.  Parents are encouraged to set aside funds and participate fully in all fundraising efforts.  


All cheerleaders must purchase their own no-show socks and solid white shoes. The uniform, bloomers, cheer bow, and poms are provided.

Cheerleaders may advance to post-season competition or be required to travel with their football team to post-season games.  If a team/squad advances to the regional level, out-of-state travel will likely be required.  Regional competition is held in November.  National competition is held in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studio the first week of December.  Travel for the two events costs approximately $1,000 per child.  Parents are encouraged to set aside funds and participate fully in all fundraising efforts.   


We are always looking for sponsors.  If you know of a business or individual willing to make a contribution, we’re interested!  We offer several different levels of sponsorship to choose from.  Garner is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, and contributions are tax-deductible (consult your tax professional).  For reference, your registration fees are not considered contributions, but are payment for services.

Forms for signing up sponsors are available from Board members and on our website in the Forms & Documents section.  

Practice Wear

For the first week, football players will need:   helmet, mouthguard, t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers.  Coaches will let you know when players will need to begin wearing other equipment, such as pads and athletic cups.  It is recommended that parents purchase extra mouthguards - we provide the first one.
Cheerleaders must adhere to the following rules for games and practices:
  • hair must be worn up off their shoulders using only soft hair accessories - no metal or plastic allowed
  • no sandals, boots, slip-on shoes, jeans, cutoffs, or clothing with buttons, zippers, or snaps.
  • absolutely NO JEWELRY is permitted - please keep this in mind if considering getting piercings, as they MUST be removed to participate
  • check with your coach for guidelines regarding nail polish
What to Expect - General Items

You will be contacted by your child’s coach before the start of practices.  He/she will provide you with information regarding practice dates and times.  Please be aware that there is restricted access to the practice and game fields.  Only rostered personnel and certified volunteers are permitted inside the practice areas and inside the game field areas, and they must be wearing their Pop Warner ID badge at all times.  If you see any adult without an ID badge in those areas, please point them out to Garner Civitan Pop Warner volunteer.

Games are played on Saturdays, unless rescheduled due to weather.  The League usually gives us the schedule a couple days before the first game, although the first game has traditionally been the weekend before Labor Day.  Please plan accordingly.   Before the first regular-season game, there will be "jamborees" for flag and tackle football teams.  The jamborees are usually held the weekend before the first regular-season game, and cheerleaders are required to accompany their teams to these events.   

Teams in the 9U division and older are eligible to compete in post-season competition based on their win/loss record.  Post-season competition may include regional and national championships and/or invitational bowls, which can run through Thanksgiving or into December, if a team goes on to nationals.  Cheerleaders are required to accompany their teams to these events.

Cheerleaders in   Tiny Mite, and Mitey Mite divisions will participate in a “showcase” exhibition, usually held the third Sunday in October.  This gives them competition-style experience without the pressure of being judged.  Children wearing their Pop Warner uniforms are admitted free of charge.   Cheerleaders in Junior Pee Wee division and older will participate in local competition, usually held the third Sunday in October.   Squads that advance will participate in regional competition, which is held Thanksgiving weekend and may require travel on Thanksgiving Day.  Squads that meet placement requirements at regionals may advance to national competition, which is held the first week of December in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World.   
Media Release
Garner Civitan Pop Warner Association, Inc. occasionally utilizes press releases, newspaper photos, web site articles, and web site photos to highlight and recognize our participants, teams and squads.    No personal information such as home address or phone numbers will be provided to any outside entity by Garner without your permission.  If you do not wish us to use your child's image and/or name in this fashion, you must notify us in writing.  Such notice may be turned in to the Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Football Director, Cheer Director, or webmaster.